Como Wins the Devil Dog Classic

On Saturday October 29th Como Park hosted the Devil Dog Classic for JROTC. Nine schools participated (3 Marine, 2 Navy, 2 Army, and 2 Air Force). The schools were mainly Minnesotan, but there was also one from Iowa and one from South Dakota.
They competed in seven categories; Physical Fitness, Uniform Inspection, First Year Cadet Drill, Color Guard, Unarmed Varsity Drill, Map Reading, and Exhibition Drill. The Devil Dog Competition is taken very seriously by Como Park’s JROTC students. Como is the only school to have teams in all seven categories. Major John Foley said that it was the first time he had seen a school compete in every category. Because of that, he gave a lot of credit to the students for their commitment to the event.
Como won the competition in great fashion. Como’s students dominated the Physical Fitness section by earning the top three spots for both males and females! The students who earned this were Sheng Xiong, Fiona O’Leary, and Der Vang for females. The males were Ching Fang, Roosevelt Yang, and Andy Moua. Ellen Vue earned Como 1st place in Unarmed Varsity Drill. Ger Lor took 1st place in First Year Cadet. And in Map Reading, Cadets Clover Eckert and Abdullah Ali came in first. Kashesha Xiong came in at a strong 3rd place in Color Guard.
Not only did Como Park dominate the competition, but instructors from the other schools were impressed by how good they were. Como Park’s JROTC program has definitely earned the respect of all the other programs in the state. Congratulations.

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