Madame Solo-Taylor

Nancy Solo-Taylor is one of the prominent French teachers here at Como Park
Senior High. She teaches French I, II, IV, and V. And while many students may have known already known that, there are some interesting things about this expert French teacher that most students didn’t know.
Madame grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and said she always wanted to have a career in French. She isn’t French, but has been her ambition since she was a kid.
“It was the language for me, I thought it was the most beautiful language I’d ever heard.”
She attended school in Duluth all the way through high school. From Duluth she went to Hamline University, where she majored in French.
In her junior year she started seriously thinking about careers and decided on teaching. She had been working in a program called Unysis that affected cafeterias where she worked with teenagers.
After college she received offers to go study in Avignon, France with a group of other teachers and took the opportunity. Since then she has been to France more than six times and four of those times were with students.
Como Park students have only been to France once through the school without Madame. Madame has a word of warning for students that are going to be in any of her classes, and that is to be ready to learn French!


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